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We have had the privilege of serving the healthcare industry customers in India for more than 38 years by marketing and selling world class medical devices in the following fields.

We also had experience in sales & marketing, operations, administration, establishing supply chain network and dealer networks in India to serve customers in both Government and Private sector hospitals of India. We also have extensive experience in regulatory compliance details to register products with the regulatory agencies in India and also have gained experience by attending various medical conferences and workshops conducted by various medical societies in India and International.

With know-how in various specialties of medical sciences and medical devices Industry and based on how, when and where medical devices are used during various fields of super specialty medical treatments and procedures in the fields of minimal Invasive surgery, we are able to offer various simple cost effective training aids or models for above super specialties.

Sharing our Medical Devices knowledge help the employees and students of bio medical education institutes and healthcare industries for better understanding the technical aspect of medical devices usage and also enhance their skills and confidence to get good technical outcome which benefits the safety of patients and upcoming physicians and surgeons clinical success. In addition, may be our cost effective training aids will also help to develop medical devices skill labs in the teaching institutions and hospitals.

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